We give our absolute best to clients and candidates by ensuring 200% delivery; we go the extra mile. We build long relationships with our clients and candidates through our personable manner, knowledgeable approach and matching needs and goals of both parties to ensure long and rewarding employer/ employee partnerships.

Permanent Positions/Headhunting

Hlabahlosile recruit for permanent positions from General to Executive level. Specialized Headhunting on positions (negotiable fee structure).

Contract & Temporary Assignments

Contract Labour ranging from General to highly qualified staff can be supplied. Rates negotiable. Contract staff can be provided within 24 hours.

Ad Response Handling/Response Handling

Ad Response Handling is a quick and easy Recruitment procedure and is not as costly as placing permanently.

Specialising Services

Recruitment of permanent and contract positions from General to Executive level. We specialise in the following fiels : Financial, Office support, IT, Technical, Engineers, Artisans.

Specialized headhunting on Positions

Pre-Employment Polygraph examinations utilized prior to employment. Candidate’s in high risk positions. Assisting this applicant is trustworthy and suitable for the specific position. Candidate Background Screening: Criminal check, Qualification check, Reference check, Computer literacy evaluated, Psychometric test and personality profiles integrity assessments.